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Our History- Orlando Printers

Magnolia Press opened its doors in June of 1973 and since that time has been serving the printing needs of the Central Florida area. Owners Patrick and Mary Hargon bought an existing duplicating business that was owned and operated by another husband and wife team. Just right for beginning a small business!

At the time, Mary and Pat along with their 4 young children were living in Virginia. Pat was working for a paper converting company and Mary was a homemaker caring for their 4 children. Pat was graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Chemistry and had been working in the paper business in various capacities since 1952. But they had a bigger plan. Their ambition and dream was to own their own business.

Anyone who lived through the 1970's may remember waiting in long lines to fill up their car due to gas shortages. This decade also saw a recession, social unrest and the end of the war in Vietnam. As you can imagine, at this time it was a bit risky time to become first-time entrepreneurs. But, after careful due-diligence, they bought the company they named H & M Printing. Mary and Pat placed their trust where they knew it would do the most good – in themselves. So Pat quit his job. They packed up the kids and re-located to Central Florida.

They made a great team! Mary ran the office while Pat ran the equipment. Their team-work paid off and the business started to grow. By 1984 Magnolia Press was becoming so successful that they out grew their original space in Altamonte Springs, Florida. They chose to build their new facility in the little-known town of Longwood, Florida and in fact, are still there today.

All 4 of the Hargon children grew up with the experience of operating a small business and and the lessons it teaches. At the age of 18, Michael began at the bottom learning how to run each piece of equipment and, after a tour in the Navy where he studied electronics, worked his way into managing the business.

Pat and Mary are now happily semi-retired. They knew key to their success meant that they had to do more than produce a quality product, they had to develop a solid reputation – the same reputation that has served them for almost 4 decades and that they are known for today...

Unlimited Options, Unparalleled Service, Uncompromised Quality and Unbelievable Results.

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