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Glossary of Terms, Magnolia Press

Glossary of Terms - T

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Using a broadsheet as a measure, one half of a broadsheet.


Concerning a printing project's basic details in regard to its dimensions. A standard layout.

Text Paper

Designation for printing papers with textured surfaces such as laid or linen. Some mills also use 'text' to refer to any paper they consider top-of-the-line, whether or not its surface has a texture.


Method of printing using colorless resin powder that takes on the color of underlying ink. Also called raised printing.


Initial ideas jotted on virtually anything in regard to initial concept of a future project.

TIFF (Tag Image File Format)

File format used to store large non-compressed image files, generally used for high resolution print.


Screening or adding white to a solid color for results of lightening that specific color.

Tip In

Usually in the book arena, adding an additional page(s) beyond the normal process (separate insertion).

Touch Plate

Plate that accents or prints a color that four-color process printing cannot reproduce well enough or at all. Also called kiss plate.

Trade Shop

Service bureau, printer or bindery working primarily for other graphic arts professionals, not for the general public.

Trim Size

The size of the printed material in its finished stage (e.g., the finished trim size is 5 1\2 x 8 1\2).

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