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Glossary of Terms, Magnolia Press

Glossary of Terms - R

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Raster Graphics

Graphic file made up of tiny dots called pixels. A larger number of pixels in an image yields a higher resolution. Tiff, jpeg and bmp images are raster graphics.

Reader Spread

Mechanicals made in two page spreads as readers would see the pages, as compared to printer spread.


500 sheets of paper.

Recycled Paper

New paper made entirely or in part from old paper.


To place printing properly with regard to the edges of paper and other printing on the same sheet. Such printing is said to be in register.

Register Marks

Cross-hair lines on mechanicals and film that help keep flats, plates, and printing in register. Also called crossmarks and position marks.


Sharpness of an image on film, paper, computer screen, disc, tape or other medium. Resolution determines the quality of the image. A computer image's resolution is measured in dpi (dots per inch). The resoluion of traditional film for print is measured in lines per inch or line screen. A 150 line screen is equivalent to 300 dpi.


Type, graphic or illustration reproduced by printing ink around its outline, thus allowing the underlying color or paper to show through and form the image. The image 'reverses out' of the ink color. Also called knockout.


Abbreviation for red, green, blue, the additive color primaries as used in web design and tv.

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