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Fulfillment & Mailing


Most businesses start out doing their own fulfillment, and while your business is small, this is the best and most cost-effective choice. As your business grows however, consider how much time fulfillment of your printing project takes for you and your employees.

Generally speaking, if your business reaches a point where you could make more money focusing on other areas-such as product research and development, for example, or sales and marketing-it's time to think about outsourcing your fulfillment.

Magnolia Press can also store your printed material in our climate-controlled warehouse until you need it. You may want it delivered to you, you could pick it up or you may want each piece mailed individually to a list of your clients.

Whatever your fulfillment needs, managing your inventory is just a phone call or email away. And when you need additional pieces printed, we already have your files and can print for you on demand.


Whether you have a large project to be shipped to various addresses in the U.S or internationally, a variable data project, or a few packages shipped to an important meeting, the Fulfillment Center at Magnolia Press in Orlando has a solution for you!

We support complex bundling of projects for you as well. Some of our clients want to enclose additional pieces along with their digital or offset printed materials. Whatever your project needs, the Fulfillment Team at Magnolia Press will manage your challenges.

Magnolia Press is a UPS Preferred Shipper

As a preferred UPS shipper, we utilize the latest in shipping software, which enables us to ship to as many locations as your project requires. Of course we take advantage of the best rates for each job!

At Magnolia Press printers in Orlando, we believe that packaging is an important component to protecting your offset or digitally printed materials. We take care that each box is hand packed to ensure that your printed materials are secure and will arrive safely at your destination when you need it to be there.

It is our goal to manage your fulfillment project as if it were our own. At Magnolia Press in Orlando, we’re on your team!

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